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The St. John Petroglyphs are found around a freshwater pool at the head of Reef Bay.  They were probably carved between 1100 and 1493 by the Native Americans (Tainos) who greeted Columbus.  We use these designs to make the 18k, 14k and sterling pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, rings, and charms that characterize the island.

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Using original molds of actual shells or designs drawn from the sea around us, we make jewelry using precious metals and gemstones.

Take me to Sea Life. Seafan, Branched, more Petroglyphs  

These are some of our Seafan bracelets, rings, and earrings; our Branched bracelets and rings with and without diamonds; also our Petroglyph bracelets.


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The St. John Petroglyph in a band

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Many of our designs are influenced by the vibrant Caribbean.  The National Park, local culture, history, architecture, flora, fauna (including people) have directly affected our ideas.

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You can own authentic, historical coins in settings designed and made by Rudy and Irene Patton.  We use primarily 18k yellow gold to set guaranteed authentic Greek, Roman, Spanish, Danish and United States coins.  Pendants and heavy rings with a molten gold design are our forte.

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What are your favorite pearls?  We have Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya (salt-water) rounds or baroque (oddly-shaped), Fresh-water in multicolors and Tahitian and abalone Mab�s which grow on the shell.  All are used in our island-flavored designs.

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Most chains are machine made.  Rudy's hand-made Treasure Chains are for people who want to wear a chain that is different from anything else on the market.

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Rudy's original designs for ancient artifacts and Irene's colored-stone, one-of-a-kind creations are one-at-a-time pieces. These become family treasures, examples of the jewelry that have made R&I PATTON an integral part of the island experience for over 30 years.

Take me to Other designs Irene's tableware

Irene designs and makes her one-of-a-kind tableware pieces using replicas of sealife and actual organic materials such as bamboo.  They are extremely labor intensive and not always available.  Contact her for details using Chat @ with no spaces between the _t@p_  (Sorry, we had to write it that way on this page to keep bots from picking up the e-mail address.)

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We have designs by carefully selected, nationally-known studio-goldsmiths and internationally-recognized companies.

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