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Two strands of Tahitian black pearls and one of Chinese freshwater

It's an exciting time to buy pearls!  The new products coming out of China are truly astonishing, getting larger and prettier every year.   The natural color black Tahitian pearls continue to have much variety and availability and the prices get better every year.  We select every strand, every pair of pearls that we string and make into our jewelry and can string them in the shop for you, any length you'd like.  Irene, Brenda and Linda do the work while you watch.  Rudy makes beautiful mab´┐Ż pearl rings set in 18k gold.  We also have many pieces designed by some of the best jewelry designers in the U.S. in every style ring, earrings, pendants, and pins you can imagine.  Our Japanese akoya round and baroque strands represent all sizes and natural colors.  Please call us for information.  We always want your R&I PATTON pearls to look perfect, so we will re-string and clean them for you when you visit.

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Chinese, freshwater pearls, 18"Freshwater pearls


Natural fresh and salt water collection Natural pearls $1,200-3,000
Tahitian Black & South Sea pearls, 18"Tahitians



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