This button will take you to Contact Information If we made it, and it is lost, fished out of the garbage disposal, found under the wheel of the car, sat on by your mother-in-law... we can fix or replace it.  If we didn't make it and you bought it from us, we will return it the people who did make it for repair or replacement.  You aren't out of luck.  You bought it from the right people!

This button will take you to Contact Information Before you send it off via UPS or FedEx let us say, "DON'T!"   They will tell you that it can be sent to St. John.  Well, that's true, but what they don't tell you is that it goes to St. Thomas instead and then sits in customs until somebody starts getting desperate on your end or ours down here.  So PLEASE send by the U.S. Post Office, Priority Mail, insured (or registered if over $600.00).  This will save time and grief!

Do not send by UPS or Federal Express.  This does not work!

Send us an e-mail:


or call: (800) 626-3445

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(800) 626-3445

11-5 M-F (Atlantic Time)

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